Welcome to the blog for our upcoming programme, 50/50 !

50/50 is a new series of interactive dance classes conceived by Loo Zihan, in collaboration with Joanna Dong, Sinclair Ang and Jereh Leong. For $30, you can register for three dance classes which will teach you basic Lindy Hop steps, while exposing you to the background of Lindy Hop touching on topics such as the performance of gender, race and sexuality in social dance and everyday life. The classes for each Group spans over three weekends. Do note that when registering, you will need to indicate which Group you would like to be in. Once you have made the choice, no changes to Group and dates & times of classes are allowed.

Meanwhile, no dance experience is required.

Whats more, for an entry of $5, you can join us at 72-13 as we turn it into a dance hall for lindy hoppers to show off your best swing moves. Be sure to enjoy a merry night of social dancing to DJed jazz music!

5050 flyer ART 2 copy

Dates & Times

Group 1: 4, 11, 18 Dec, 8pm

Group 2: 4, 11, 18 Dec, 9pm

Open Dance Floor: 4, 11, 18 Dec, 10pm – 12am

Follow this space for behind-the-scenes looks into the production leading up to the programme. Also, get a closer look at our artist and collaborators as we know them better through conversations and interviews!

Book your tickets here now.

See you at the dance floor!

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