Interview with Collaborator, Sinclair Ang

Interview with Collaborator, Sinclair Ang


For the upcoming performance of 50/50, Loo Zihan has been collaborating with fellow dancers Joanna Dong, Sinclair Ang and Jereh Leong. Sinclair Ang is a well-established Jazz dancer, who is also the founder of Jazz Inc. Being a dance teacher for more than a decade now, he is a leading figure in Asian Lindy Hop scene. His performance with other dancers were showcased in various festivals such as Esplanade’s Flipside and da:ns Festival, SMU Arts Festival, as well as for National Day Parade with Dim Sum Dollies. Engagement intern Michelle Kee checked in with Sinclair to find out more about his take on this project at 72-13.

I’ve always been interested in the larger issues revolving around jazz dancing and music.

– Sinclair Ang, Collaborator, 50/50

1 Tell us more about yourself

I am the founder of Jazz Inc, a collective of dancers that champion authentic Jazz dancing and music though performances, classes, and lectures.  We have been part of many major festivals in Singapore, as well as the National Day Parade with the Dim Sum Dollies several years back. I have been doing this for over a decade and a half now, since I was 25. Although involved in the arts through theatre and music, I recall myself saying that – I just don’t get dance. Now I have taught the dance and performed in over 30 cities and 20 countries.  Goes to show anything is possible.

2 What inspired you to be part of this series?

I’ve always been interested in the larger issues revolving around jazz dancing and music. When Zihan, one of my first students almost a decade ago asked me to do this with him, I was on board. It’s nice to be able to do something that is different from just a regular class or lecture.

3 Take us through the artistic process of conceptualising the lectures and classes.

We meet once a week to talk about our approaches to dance and the dance itself. We also watch videos from the jazz age and videos of contemporary dancers, as well as practising some dance movements.  Slowly, through our conversations and watching of these videos, we realise that there are many things we would like to share and have as a part of the performance-class.

4 What was the experience of working on the lectures been like so far?

Very easy and organic.  I’ve actually come to clarify some views with myself while answering Zihan’s questions. It has also help me to rethink certain issues.

5 Can you share with us some of the challenges you face?

We think that there are too many varied issues that we have to streamline it down! Also, because the other collaborators and the focus of their classes are so different, we need to find links.

6 What do you think audience-participants can bring back from this programme?

Perhaps a better understanding of the dance and the music, and of themselves, that they too can move.

Stay tuned with us for the interview with collaborating artist, Jereh Leong. In the meantime, do check out the interviews below for more insights into the programme!

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For more programme details on 50/50, visit here.

Interested in taking part in 50/50? Drop us an email at or call us at 6737-7213 to reserve your place today!

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