Interview with Collaborator, Jereh Leong

Interview with Collaborator, Jereh Leong


Another talented dancer in collaboration for 50/50 is Jereh Leong. Jereh is a well-trained dancer who has been dancing Lindy Hop since he was 13. Prior to 50/50, Jereh was actively associated with TheatreWorks, in the recent Indulgence (2015) in collaboration with Eng Kai Er and Retrospective (2014) in collaboration with Xavier Le Roy. He is also actively involved in the contemporary dance scene, having performed at the Festival d’Hivernale Avignon (France) and Substation’s Septfest (Singapore), and his works were performed at Esplanade’s dan:s festival and Arts Science Museum Singapore. Engagement Intern Michelle Kee discussed with him as he shares his liberating experience in this work.

Exhilarating. Exciting. Liberating.

– Jereh Leong, Collaborator, 50/50

1 Tell us more about yourself

I come from a family speaking smidgens of Cantonese, English and Mandarin. My mum is the daughter of the 2nd wife of my grandfather and my dad’s father used to court my mother’s mother.

When I was in Primary 6, I came across a listing of Lindy Hop dance class on the Life section. I thought it was very interesting and decided to take up the lesson by Sing Lim and Andrew Vassiliou, two pioneers in the Lindy Hop community. That’s how I begin Lindy hopping.

2 What inspired you to be part of this series?

I was invited by Zihan to collaborate on the series (focusing) on sexuality. I believe both of us have an interest in the topic of sexuality as it concerns us and forms our identities.

3 Take us through the artistic process of conceptualising the lectures and classes.

Even though Zihan and I were in the same dance class previously, we were in our own cocoons at that time. We were trying to find ourselves and our aspirations, thus did not communicate deeply with one another. Through this collaboration, we get to communicate deeply with each other for the first time.

Each series (of dance classes) is individualized depending on the topic and who Zihan is working with. For Zihan and I, we interviewed each other. Through the answers, we found topics and scenes to explore.

4 What has the experience of working on the lectures been like so far?

Exhilarating. Exciting. Liberating.

5 Can you share with us some of the challenges you face?

Remembering the history, unfurling long forgotten painful memories.

6 What do you think audience-participants can bring back from this programme?

Through the topic of sexuality, I hope to get the participants to share their perceptions and thoughts. So as to provide different sprouts for reflection and ignite their own thoughts.

Also, to love themselves.

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