Sneak Peek into Preview of 50/50!

Sneak Peek into Preview of 50/50!

Last night, we invited a few of our friends of artists, and TheatreWorks Ambassadors to an exclusive preview of 50/50. The participants were introduced new steps and more contextual knowledge about Lindy-Hop through this very new performance-workshop-lecture styled session.

Through the different classes, the co-teachers namely Joanna Dong, Sinclair Ang, Jereh Leung and our associate artist, Loo Zihan exposed participants various themes and issues such as gender, race and sexuality. While it took some time for participants to overcome their initial hesitation of participation, the group got into motion and moved to the music by the end of the class.

Here are some snippets to share,



What’s more! We caught up with one of our invited guest, Patricia Toh, to find out what she thinks about 50/50.

Pat Toh, theatre practitioner, shared:

1 Could you relate to the themes explored during the workshops?

Yes, all three workshops were relatable. Like the first one was about interaction and connection. It made me question gender roles, and made me question myself if I’m comfortable being a leader or a follower. I mean, the sense of interaction was strong for me. I think the second workshop was relatable in the sense how the historical context and how culture is being transmitted. Because I also play capoeira, which is another African-American art form, (I could relate to) how my Asian body takes on this other culture, which is not mine. And it is no longer about the borders of culture and countries, so you just really countered about the connection. So I thought actually all three workshops linked up in a way, and I thought it gives a whole kaleidoscope other than just the form. Beyond the form, there is interaction, there is cultural exchange, and borderless sense of enjoyment. I thought the last one was quite interesting because it’s about learning and how we learn and how sexual orientation becomes blurred, so I really think there is something in it.

2 How was your learning experience during the workshop?

It was fine, it was very challenging, and it’s difficult, like I’m definitely not a social dance person. I mean I’m a movement person, I love to dance, but I think when I’m faced with another body, that made me really question how much am I allowing myself to be open to another person. So I thought that was nice experience to remind myself to open myself to another body.

3 Do you enjoy being at TheatreWorks events? Why so?

Yes I do, I try to catch a lot of TheatreWorks’ events. I think they bring in things that are not just about theatre, it’s a nice cross between performance and visual arts. There’s a good variety of performances.

4 Do you like 72-13 as an arts space? Why so?

Ya, I do. It’s nice, open, big, convenient, and got good shows.

Do join us on 4th, 11th and 18th December for the different classes presented by Loo Zihan, in collaboration with Joanna Dong, Sinclair Ang and Jereh Leung!

If you’re interested, do register here.


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