Zao Bao features 50/50 by Loo Zihan

Zao Bao features 50/50 by Loo Zihan

Last Thursday, 50/50 by Loo Zihan was featured in the mandarin newspaper, Zao Bao. ZB reporter, Wang Yiming provided some background information on Lindy Hop and describe the themes explored in the programme. Do click on the image to enlarge.


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Here’s the translation for the article:

Young disciplinary artist Loo Zihan often creates new exiting works on wide variety of platforms. This time, he collaborates with three collaborators and brought his work, 50/50 onto the dance stage, through interaction, sharing and performance.

Interacting through “class” format

The presentation and performance of 50/50 is very unique. Using the “class” format, Loo Zihan, together with Joanna Dong, Sinclair Ang and Jereh Leong interact with the participants. With the programme focusing on Lindy Hop, the co-teachers share their experience and perception towards Lindy Hop, as well as how Lindy Hop has influenced them.

Lindy Hop is a Swing Dance derived from Charleston dance. In 1920s to 30s, the evolution of Lindy Hop was highly inspired from Jazz, Tap dance and Charleston dance.

The basic tempo of Lindy Hop is 8-counts. It incorporated many solo and partner dance moves, including the improvisation from African-American dance and the 8-steps form from European social dance. The fundamental step is called Swingout, with the male dancer holding the female dancer’s right hand with his left. In a closed position, both dancers wrap their arms around one another, which shows that this form of dance is quite communicative and interactive.

Loo Zihan mentioned, “I hope that through these performance-classes, participants can understand that Lindy Hop isn’t all about fancy throws and acrobatic aerials. More importantly, it’s about the connection between two individuals and improvisation on the dance floor to the music.”

Focus on the understanding of love

Jereh Leong often explore the topic of sexuality in his productions, likewise for his class in 50/50.

During his interview, he commented, “I hope the audiences or participants can explore the idea of sexuality and unfold more topics at a greater level, through a partner dance between two different genders. Ultimately, sexuality is a form of love. The focus of our performance is the understanding towards love and the sublimation of self-love.”

Less experienced in dance performing, Joanna Dong mentioned that Lindy Hop is not easy to pick up.

“Lindy Hop is not as easy as it seems. Even though, I must say that after some practice, it’s a dance which provides you with a huge sense of achievement.” She said, “I am excited to share our perceptions towards Lindy Hop with the participants, and to teach them some basic dance steps. Most importantly, we can think more deeply about issues such as policies, identity and sexuality, through this social dance.”

Zao Bao, 3 Dec 2015, Thursday by Wang Yiming

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