About 50/50

TheatreWorks (Singapore) is proud to present 50/50 by Associate Artist, Loo Zihan.

50/50 is a new series of interactive dance classes conceived by Loo Zihan, in collaboration with Joanna Dong, Sinclair Ang and Jereh Leong. For $30, you can register for three dance classes which will teach you basic Lindy Hop steps, while exposing you to the background of Lindy Hop touching on topics such as the performance of gender, race and sexuality in social dance and everyday life.

(Lindy Hop) isn’t all about fancy throws and acrobatic aerials, but more importantly about the connection between two individuals and improvisation on the dance floor to the music.

– Loo Zihan, TheatreWorks’ Associate Artist, 50/50

The presentation of 50/50 is part of TheatreWorks’ long established belief in developing and nurturing Singapore artists. It is also part of TheatreWorks’ aim to present innovative contemporary performances, artistic expressions that offer Singapore audiences alternatives. TheatreWorks is the bridge between alternative artistic expressions and the Singapore audiences.

Its home, 72-13, is an incubator for artistic experiments by both local and international artists and creatives, while being a insistent conduit for dialogues between disciplines and cultures.

One thought on “About 50/50

  1. I have kept you in my memory.

    你笑¸你媚, 你妖娆;
    你怒, 你伤, 你癫狂.
    带着它, 伴着林迪的舞曲,
    I have kept you in my memory.


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