Curtain Call: 50/50

Curtain Call: 50/50

The presentation of 50/50, by our Associate Artist Loo Zihan marked the final leg of our programmes in 2015 with a series of interactive dance classes held over three weeks at 72-13. A Big Thank You for all our “new Lindy-Hoppers”, ambassadors, friends and guests who participated and show their support!


We caught up with our participants after each class, in an attempt to find out what they felt towards the classes. We were glad to have received many encouraging comments through interviews and feedback forms. Many shared with us about how they could relate to the themes explored during the classes in 50/50.

It was interesting because I personally don’t really have a close relationship with Lindy Hop, but after going through all the different themes, I felt really close and I really want to learn more about the dance, because I have such a great appreciation for it.

– Shai, Speech and Drama teacher

I was surprised to learn that Lindy Hop originated from African American culture, and it was interesting to see the different variations of Lindy Hop.

– Sherilyn Lim

Have been dancing Lindy for a year and this is the first time I’ve heard a proper discourse on gender roles.

– Julian Austin


Some expressed how intriguing and refreshing this programme is, presenting a dance class through a unique concept. We were incredibly heartened to see how all of you have been excited for this new, experimental format of dance class, and are supporting Zihan, a provocative multi-disciplinary artist with a unique style.

Dance is something I love, be it in old or new age, and 50/50 makes it even more fun.

– Melissa Chew

I really like the concept of this class, like they started with a bit of Jazz steps, and talk a little bit about themselves, and they move on to contemporary performance, it was very fascinating.

– Marcel, lecturer

Less linear (than usual dance workshop). Less focused on the technique, more on the humanity, stories and memory.

– Zee Wong


TheatreworksDuring Zihan’s residency at TheatreWorks, along with his three collaborators, Joanna Dong, Sinclair Ang and Jereh Leong, they transformed the space to a classroom and observation area. From 50/50, many shared how 72-13 is spacious and open, yet relaxing and welcoming, offering a unique atmosphere.

I like the way it’s spaced out, it feels so open, feels so free, and yet it’s very relaxing.

– John Li, Drama teacher

The performance space is wonderful and flexible

– Mish’aal

It’s very authentic, natural and interesting in its form

– Phitthaya Phaefuang, contemporary dancer


Here’s once again, a BIG THANK YOU for supporting 50/50 and experimental artists like Zihan! Your feedback and comments meant a lot to us, and definitely to Zihan and his collaborators too. If you have more comments on the show, do share with us, in the comments section below or on Facebook and Instagram!

We have come to the end of our Main Season Programmes this year!  Following this successful run of 50/50, we look forward to seeing you at our upcoming events in 2016. Find out more about our upcoming programmes here.

Happy 2016 and see you soon!


Looking back at 50/50!

Looking back at 50/50!

Did you miss out on the moments during 50/50 by Loo Zihan and his collaborators? Fret not, here’s a gallery to share snapshots of the preview of 50/50 with everyone.

Lastly, here’s wishing everyone happy holidays and a wonderful 2016!

Participants share… #3

Participants share… #3

Last Friday, we presented our last series of 50/50, a collaboration between Loo Zihan and Jereh Leong. During last week’s class, Zihan and Jereh discussed and raised the issue of sexuality, through the use of Lindy Hop. We conversed with some participants after the class and they kindly shared with us their thoughts and feelings towards the show.

It was interesting because I personally don’t really have a close relationship with Lindy Hop, but after going through all the different themes, I felt really close and I really want to learn more about the dance, because I have such a great appreciation for it.

– Shai, Speech and Drama teacher Read more

This week: 50/50 with Jereh Leong

This week: 50/50 with Jereh Leong


50/50 will present its third and final class in the series of three this Friday! The class is in collaboration with dancer-performer Jereh Leong, who has had many dance performing experiences locally and internationally. Known for his explicit performances and choreographies, he often addresses the issue of sexuality and gender. Similarly for 50/50, Zihan and Jereh will be relating to sexuality through Lindy Hop. While Jereh was exposed to many dance forms, Lindy Hop was the first dance form he picked up.

In a recent interview with Blogcritics, Jereh shares,

“I started dancing the Lindy at 13 after PSLE exams as I wanted to swing girls in the air. The studio happened to offer other forms of dance so I auditioned for their scholarship program and that started my dance journey…venturing into ballet, jazz, some tap and salsa. The journey became serious when I decided to leave first year of University to join NAFA, majoring in dance. After I graduated, I was yearning for more, so auditioned for SEAD (Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance) and was accepted into their final year program which was awesome as I couldn’t have afforded the whole four years of education, as much as I would have liked to stay on. I came back to Singapore, found friends who happened to also have finished their dance studies, and so we made a dance together commissioned by the substation and eventually joined Frontier Danceland, a local dance company.”

Jereh Leong was stunning, constantly drawing the viewer’s gaze to his strength and fluidity. He seemed to move in an interstitial space, subtly absorbing and reflecting the various influences.

– Nirmala Seshadri, The  Straits Times, 25 Aug 2015

If you haven’t got a chance to catch Jereh in action, do join us for his dance class this Friday! Be sure to gain some insights into Lindy Hop and move along with the two wonderful dancers during the class. Do come on down to 72-13 on 18 Dec, 8pm or 9pm for the last session of 50/50. Tickets are available at the price of only $12 for a single class, and you can register here.

Can’t wait to see you there!

Interview with Collaborator, Jereh Leong

Interview with Collaborator, Jereh Leong


Another talented dancer in collaboration for 50/50 is Jereh Leong. Jereh is a well-trained dancer who has been dancing Lindy Hop since he was 13. Prior to 50/50, Jereh was actively associated with TheatreWorks, in the recent Indulgence (2015) in collaboration with Eng Kai Er and Retrospective (2014) in collaboration with Xavier Le Roy. He is also actively involved in the contemporary dance scene, having performed at the Festival d’Hivernale Avignon (France) and Substation’s Septfest (Singapore), and his works were performed at Esplanade’s dan:s festival and Arts Science Museum Singapore. Engagement Intern Michelle Kee discussed with him as he shares his liberating experience in this work.

Exhilarating. Exciting. Liberating.

– Jereh Leong, Collaborator, 50/50

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