Zao Bao features 50/50 by Loo Zihan

Zao Bao features 50/50 by Loo Zihan

Last Thursday, 50/50 by Loo Zihan was featured in the mandarin newspaper, Zao Bao. ZB reporter, Wang Yiming provided some background information on Lindy Hop and describe the themes explored in the programme. Do click on the image to enlarge.


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New Look of 72-13!

New Look of 72-13!

Being part of TheatreWorks’ Main Season Programme, 50/50 will be presented at 72-13 over the span of three weeks.  We did some transformation to the building and put up some bright banners. The building can now be easily spotted and found along Mohamed Sultan Road, you can never miss it. Check out the new look of 72-13!


Side Banners

To get more insights into the programme, do check out our gallery here.

What are you waiting for? Come on down to 72-13 this Friday for some fun. Reserve a place at 50/50 now, here!

See you there!

This week: 50/50 with Sinclair Ang

This week: 50/50 with Sinclair Ang


50/50 will be presenting its second class in the series of three this Friday, conceived by Loo Zihan, in collaboration with Sinclair Ang. Sinclair is a prominent figure in the Jazz and Swing dance community. With more than a decade of teaching experience, Sinclair is also the founder of Jazz Inc. Through 50/50, he will teach the basic solo Lindy Hop steps, and touch on issues pertaining to the culture and history of Lindy Hop.

Here we have an interview conducted by Jazz Up Your Life Singapore (JUYL) few years ago, with Sinclair Ang. Through the interview, Sinclair shares about his personal experience and inspiration in Lindy Hop, as well as his hope and vision for the local Lindy Hop dance scene. Check out the full interview below:

Jazz Up Your Life Interview with Sinclair Ang

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to catch Sinclair in action! Be sure to have fun and gain new insights into this form of social dance. You can register for a single class at the price of only $12! Do join us on 11 Dec, 8pm or 9 pm at 72-13, by registering here.

We will see you there!

50/50 Opens!

50/50 Opens!

Jo Dong Class

Last Friday evening was the opening night of 50/50, a series of interactive dance classes conceived by Loo Zihan. Collaborating with Joanna Dong last Friday, they brought forward a new format of dance class which includes performance, dialogue, video screening and dance class. We caught up with some participants to find out more about their thoughts on the programme.

It’s interesting! I like learning how to take small steps, working with different people.

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50/50 is open for Single-Class!

50/50 is open for Single-Class!


50/50 is opening this Friday (4 December) and we have opened up availabilities for Single-Class Signups!

Experience a new format of performance in 50/50, conceived by Loo Zihan in collaboration with Joanna Dong, Sinclair Ang and Jereh Leong. This new format comprises a series of three dance classes that ‘audiences’ must participate in!


You can sign up for three dance classes which will teach you basic Lindy Hop steps, while exposing you to the background of Lindy Hop, topics such as the performance of gender, race and sexuality in social dance and everyday life.

Meanwhile, no dance experience is required.

Sign Up Details:
$30 for 3-Classes
$12 for Single-Class

Group 1: 4, 11, 18 December, 8pm
Group 2: 4, 11, 18 December, 9pm

To register for a place in 50/50, email or ring us at 6737 7213

Interview with Collaborator, Jereh Leong

Interview with Collaborator, Jereh Leong


Another talented dancer in collaboration for 50/50 is Jereh Leong. Jereh is a well-trained dancer who has been dancing Lindy Hop since he was 13. Prior to 50/50, Jereh was actively associated with TheatreWorks, in the recent Indulgence (2015) in collaboration with Eng Kai Er and Retrospective (2014) in collaboration with Xavier Le Roy. He is also actively involved in the contemporary dance scene, having performed at the Festival d’Hivernale Avignon (France) and Substation’s Septfest (Singapore), and his works were performed at Esplanade’s dan:s festival and Arts Science Museum Singapore. Engagement Intern Michelle Kee discussed with him as he shares his liberating experience in this work.

Exhilarating. Exciting. Liberating.

– Jereh Leong, Collaborator, 50/50

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Interview with Collaborator, Sinclair Ang

Interview with Collaborator, Sinclair Ang


For the upcoming performance of 50/50, Loo Zihan has been collaborating with fellow dancers Joanna Dong, Sinclair Ang and Jereh Leong. Sinclair Ang is a well-established Jazz dancer, who is also the founder of Jazz Inc. Being a dance teacher for more than a decade now, he is a leading figure in Asian Lindy Hop scene. His performance with other dancers were showcased in various festivals such as Esplanade’s Flipside and da:ns Festival, SMU Arts Festival, as well as for National Day Parade with Dim Sum Dollies. Engagement intern Michelle Kee checked in with Sinclair to find out more about his take on this project at 72-13.

I’ve always been interested in the larger issues revolving around jazz dancing and music.

– Sinclair Ang, Collaborator, 50/50 Read more